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Introduced Genuine Madrid of Spain, who like football, I am afraid that no one particular I do not know, whom everybody, even me, do not treatment about soccer ball blind, but also heard so much about title, even that Ronaldo, Super huge players such as David Beckham. In football, the activity in the globe, “Real” is the big best planet-renowned brand names. Late in July, Real Madrid arrived in China, began his enterprise trip, which actually let the Chinese enthusiasts energized with the way the world’s leading soccer brand name and close speak to with many top rated gamers, verses and make have been energized, we’re all complete of anticipation. However, from the start to depart Real Madrid, just a few dozen hours, Real Madrid is what introduced us, constantly breaking appointment, lofty, full of enterprise display, The stench of Montreal, employed the media as stating that “in order to chaotic commence to finish confusion. ” Nevertheless, according to media reviews, Real Madrid is nonetheless straightforward Laode laughing with 60 million yuan to depart China. When I noticed on Tv who went to Beijing from hundreds of miles absent only to see what Beckham fans witnessed tears of the confront, I in addition to sympathy, that is, sigh. I do not want as well a lot on the True China Tour to give lessons, media reports and feedback have been enough, is sufficient to make people understand the nature of indicate enterprise club. These days I would like to discuss about brand name marketing and advertising watch level, since a nicely-known football club brand has done precisely they signify some of the latest unsafe pattern of brand development, it is worthy of us to wake up. I believe that the brand is the embodiment of corporate values is the commitment to consumers is the high quality and popularity that is the most powerful marketing weapons, the brand’s ultimate objective is to shorten the distance with shoppers, and consumers to achieve depth of communication. Nevertheless, True Madrid China Tour introduced us just what the present brand name advancement, particularly nicely-recognized large brand advertising typical issue, should be alert to every single enterprise. Brand name arrogant condition Genuine China Tour from beginning to stop more prominent expression in an especially “arrogant.” Undeniably, True Madrid have capital arrogant, gathered the world’s finest players, has superb skills and so on. But this is not the right reasons and arrogant, ridiculous that Genuine Madrid is such that the. I experience that Genuine Madrid is not to make money, but we request Real Madrid to China to consider away money from our pockets, we Chinese folks are really wealthy have no place to shell out the funds but? Because it is to make cash, at minimum the standard respect need to also be, at least it should not be ignored, is the most simple level, as the ritual. At present there are numerous massive makes have this tendency, with a watch overlooking the mentality of the consumer, such as a whilst back, “Nestle milk powder incident,” Nestle’s brand name arrogance condition to expose the evasion of the dilemma did not care about media protection and buyer response, was rather “1 in charge of” flavor. The author believes that the essence of the brand name is to obtain the most fundamental respect for the customers, because advertising and marketing is communication, then communication is the equal sharing foundation. Ailment and also in opposition to the arrogant brand name of “consumer-centric” marketing and advertising thrust, is undoubtedly marketing and advertising back again. Brand name credibility deficit problem Integrity is the most simple company values of today’s society, if the law is hard on organization conduct norms, then the credibility is on the industrial conduct of soft norms. If society does not worth the integrity of company conduct, which signifies the finish of the planet to come. True Madrid preserve breaking appointment conduct, of program, a manifestation of lack of credibility, ought to not be the excuse for other causes. Actual dishonesty in some behavioral, and possibly can be forgiven, but these days some effectively-recognized brand’s status in item top quality is the alarming lack of this kind of events this side of the SK- , light milk incident, have the top quality of merchandise troubles. High quality is the foundation of the brand, it is the life of the brand name, quality and brand name is currently being formulated, and the a lot more nicely-identified brand name of its top quality should be a lot more amenable, a century is a century-good quality brand name. The greatest quality is the greatest credit commitments and ensures. Nowadays, the state is advocating developing a “harmonious society”, how to achieve harmonious society? I feel that honesty is the developing of a harmonious society values the most basic, if not the faith, difficult to visualize that people live in harmony. So as an entrepreneur, in shaping the brand name at the exact same time, undoubtedly also played a harmonious social responsibility and moral.

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