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Ozil Real Madrid football expertise shine, whilst Kaka’s football has gradually dim the lights, and even possibly never go out, this is the Spanish media reports to our emotions. In the “Marca” will Ozil as Zidane’s successor, and even behind the Germans, while the long run Golden Globes, the Spanish “El Pais” has published “Kaka tired of Mourinho “the post in Madrid attacking midfielder placement, yet another Soccer Jersey newspaper,” Aspen Daily “offers the conclusion:” Ozil Madrid now, Canales is the long run of the Bernabeu, but Kaka is white Legion of the past.” There is no doubt Ozil, turned out to Kaka acquired the worst news.Kaka missed turn. “Marca” stated the Brazilian star this stage, inadequate well being, he is the club organized for him to carry out a unique teaching system, and, in his physique back to standard, he will not play football, as he missed time, is difficult to give actual time period of time. Even so, a complete Spanish every day “El Pais” noted but with “Marca” some out, the newspaper noted that the explanation why Kaka does not play because he Spanish Soccer Jersey was tired of Mourinho. In recent occasions, his teammates do not feel ample power cards now I can see his pride was hurt a lot, so he chose to Strike. However, in the “National News” sign out right after this report, Kaka expressed dissatisfaction he criticized the “National News” with ulterior motives, to develop in between him and Mourinho conflict. Just at this stage, Madrid official internet site declared the results of health-related examinations Kaka, Kaka will be out for fifteen days, at least until April Kaka to play in the match for Genuine, which can make the circumstance at Actual Madrid Kaka even far more subtle.In summer season 2009, the moment once more denounced the Genuine Madrid president Florentino seriously to create new Galacticos, 1 of which is the greatest reverberates from AC Milan Kaka employed to 65 million euros. When Brazil’s golden boy with a smile Actual Madrid Jerseys display the planet his No. 8 jersey True Madrid, the supporters have purpose to imagine: He will be following Zinedine Zidane Genuine Madrid after the new helmsman ship. But right after joining Madrid, Kaka’s physical condition and competitive state plummeted, the Brazilian has not been capable to indicate their level, which helps make Ozil a firm foothold in the club fully, the German prodigy in just a 12 months they shocked the planet , while Genuine Madrid also believe that: Ozil Zidane is the real successor.Flies in Kaka unhappy at Madrid, Kaka news of his father appeared almost everywhere the town of Milan on the event, AC Milan, club vice president Adriano Galliani responded in an interview relating to the repurchase of Ronaldo Jersey Kaka. Galliani respect to a substantial shell out minimize card, the San Siro ahead of the doorways open, whilst Galliani are extremely harsh, but he was not flatly rejected the return of Kaka out of desire. Galliani mentioned: “Ricardo’s salary too significantly, simply because he was in Spain to shell out much lower taxes than in Italy, I am sorry that this is his predicament at Actual Madrid, but if he comes again to join us, will need to drop a good deal of income, down to a stage we can afford, such a substantial salary, we can only find the money for a single Ibrahim.

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