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Result in the league after the international break the truce, the season will be the key to the final stage. To this stage there is still hope to win all the tournaments is the team’s success, as the ultimate victory, it is Soccer Jersey details. Barcelona “The Godfather” Cruyff wrote in the latest column. Fight the national team competitions, domestic league and European Champions League will be out for 15 days. Some 15 days long, but after this period of time, this season will be entering a critical stage. At that time, Barcelona and Real Madrid will have at least 12 games to go, plus there are 14 Champions League games, if you broke into Wembley Stadium in the final games played on the field to 15. If both teams Spanish Soccer Jersey qualify for the Champions League semi-final, the next two months, one week they will often face two games. At this time, the team need to worry about injuries? Yellow and red cards? The state or the players? For me personally, this time we have nothing to complain about. On the contrary, the participating teams should all be pleased that they have hope to win, Barcelona and Real Madrid should be the case.Barcelona and Real Madrid have the hope that the final stage of the season in all competitions to win the championship, but also are likely to lose honor. Which we have nothing to complain about it? Why should we complain? If I have a good team, then I likely to participate in many competitions. The more games played, the players greater physical exertion, action errors and the more red and yellow cards. Each season, the situation seems quite different, in fact, almost all are Barcelona and Real Madrid Real Madrid Jerseys the competition for honor, which the difference is that in recent years, often to the last club to only one or two events can participate. In contrast, Barcelona can compete in almost every season of the tournament crown. So, people have nothing to complain about it? They complain because?Barcelona and Real Madrid in the competition for honor, but one of the parties continue to complain, and the other did not. I did the players, have also been coach, I can tell you my experience, it should now enjoy the moment: to gain something if the end of the season or get all the titles, that is the best; but even missed Honours even Ronaldo Jersey crop failure, nor is there any regrets, because it is competitive sports.Another result of the game consequences, left leg muscle problems, will be sidelined for two to three weeks because of injury. He will therefore miss the Portuguese team’s two home friendlies against Sporting Gijon and Real Madrid in the Primera Liga, and then whether the quarter-final against Champions League first leg match Tottenham Hotspur are still unknown.

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