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There is no winter reinforcement and lease, the authority of Madrid with the Low-cost England Football Shirts want to get Van Nistelrooy the worth of the free of charge front, new in the treatment method of choice is involved, the attitude of the senior in latest days has not had the tiny coin. Finally what took place? ‘Confidential’ has revealed the answer. Higuain after damage, Florentino was not required to buy the striker. Benzema least 35 million euros well worth, Kaka will be back in the winter market, not to point out C Lo can also play middle. Florentino, even if Benzema not function, you can reuse the youth academy youthful Lata had Mo. Mourinho with the Spanish Groups Football Tops wishes to belong to his introduction to Hugh Mendes – Almeida, Hugo – Besiktas Almeida pressures the invitation and call waiting for Real. Nonetheless, due to the challenging circumstance Florentino, Hugo – Almeida had to transfer to Besiktas. Higuain surgical treatment, transformed his frame of mind when Florentino, who was inclined to pay a striker in the winter. True this summer time will contemplate the acquisition Llorente, Florentino to purchase the striker has rejected the possibility of winter. However, Higuain to determine the extended-expression recuperation just before Hugo – Almeida joined the ultra-rich soil the Madrid firms had to discover the object. Mourinho has by no means had the fantasy of Emmanuel Adebayor, Gomez alternative’d ridiculous, but Bayern Munich and Actual Madrid are not going to negotiate.Signing the serious front, with several higher stage meetings in Madrid, not even pointed out the name Raul. Raul of Real Madrid with the True Madrid Football Club Shirt six months ago and left the band for completion, as to why they would play in the locker space leader. Florentino lastly recognized that he did not request the aspect back to enjoying savior Bernabeu Raul. But at least he knew he made a large mistake Raúl system.Florentino Benzema as the very last hope, but the week of the Copa Del Rey has allow go. Benzema has been replaced less than an hour to play, the Santiago Bernabeu football followers to send a poor harvest constantly booed the French total. It is in this sport, the True Madrid Ruud van in the operation and speak to produced. Real Madrid will not spend the contract for 6 months only Ruud van Nistelrooy, transfer expenses, given that a yr back joined the new warships for the comfort of Hamburg, previously with the Dutch surrender. Nonetheless, the moment in Hamburg, “Gratitude”, the laptop or computer configured to output Ruud van Nistelrooy barriers. “Confidential Report” that the Actual Madrid Ruud van Nistelrooy with the Real Madrid Shirt Football is in the end ready to pay out 200 million euros ransom.

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