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League this season, finishing the initial half, Guardiola with the Cheap England Football Shirts led Barcelona to the advantage of 4 beating Madrid, José Mourinho row main factors of see, despite the Madrid coach Jose Mourinho at the time the final five months, but the fool and his crew are nevertheless hard to shake the dominance of the melon in Barcelona and nowadays is exactly what Guardiola birthday range 40, this time “, sports every day,” the journalist Javier popular football – Miguel writes without bluntly: Guardiola, José Mourinho, ought to search up, appear in all fields has been. For the duration of the latter half of the season, Guardiola with the Spanish Teams Football Tops has worked with Mourinho has had a direct dialogue, taking into account final season’s Champions League semi-finals Barcelona Inter Milan have been deleted in Muslim countries, but this derby victory five – True Madrid Barcelona Youyi, Javier – Miguel viewpoint, this is a full Guardiola revenge, “he mentioned in the text:” Do not try out to rival hundreds of Florentino would like to conclude the throne, but the fact is that in the 1st direct confrontation between the two, how Mourinho will not aid. “View the framework of both teams, Barcelona is not much a lot more than Real Madrid, the amount of first group are even less, only 19 individuals, but Guardiola that everybody can play as efficiency is contrast, Mu Li Niao , was not injured in the front Higuain in the past for a prolonged time, even the common guy can guess debut Actual Madrid, but it is dependent too considerably of Moody’s 11 the penalties if a handful of essential players injured or suspended, True Madrid play an ideal stage at this time, Javier – not polite to stage out that Mourinho is the best distinction with Miguel Guardiola. “Mourinho by no means nominal value of the financial institution, which has often been in shortage as an excuse for poor overall performance, is an indisputable fact.” True Madrid coach Jose Mourinho with the True Madrid Football Club Shirt has been hostile, the other coach and his players usually being attacked and criticized same again and yet again the referee, therefore attaining the goal of exerting strain on the Genuine Madrid qualify if Javier – that Miguel said: Five months later, Jose Mourinho, really should be mindful that this time will use a range of methods boat just be able to challenge, we can simply see what was in press. Contempt Barcelona coach openly and critically, with particular emphasis on arbitration institutions and individuals in total in Barcelona for support. This is contrary to the ethics of activity, which revealed the arrogance, pride, arrogance and boasting not produce far more of its folks “doubt” recovery Real Madrid and Jose Mourinho will not be intelligent at the very same time, Javier -. Miguel Guardiola and Barcelona do not forget. Eulogies are stated: “Mourinho and the Pope was only a single sport in five, one, Barcelona three wins a Peiper loss towards the Portuguese entirely distinct fashion, his statements are always quite sweet. I knew that all contestants ought to be respected and by no means say a word against Mourinho. On this basis, a special Guardiola with the True Madrid Shirt Football should also be respected. “

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