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More than 50 percent of the season, C with the Wholesale Football Shirt Store I scored in Spherical 19 of 23 goals in 27 official video games scored 31 objectives. Mourinho was not permitted to play middle, the charge of C Ronaldo objective continues to enhance, if we sustain the league, averaging 1.21 aim-scoring prices, Hugo Sanchez, will be 46 balls, 38 balls break on the ball of the league document of the season, “my sport is not for the file, I do not want. I want is to maintain the state to support Actual Madrid, I’m not obsessed with numbers, but I want to break that record, but also inspire me. I will not treatment every marker round, if there is a far better scorer in the ultimate honor of his door, and I cherished it. “Mourinho with the Spanish League Football Shirts said, if C The speedy objective of holding the charge is nevertheless not pleased with the age of 26, he can get four or 5 situations a Golden Globe, C Legislation, mentioned.”I want to get a lengthy time in the Champions League and the League, but do not want to enter a significant quantity of balls I’ve won two or three balls will be really happy, but it’s my priority and Real Madrid won the championship. If select a non-individual honor, I want the ball. “Not too long ago, True Madrid is the middle of the controversy over the introduction of C Luo also accepted the opinion of Mike Mussina, “Genuine Madrid require a center can be employed six months. People are chatting about. Ruud van Nistelrooy, I’m happy strength will be much more effective gamers can arrive to Actual Madrid “is the introduction of subsequent season Llorente, Aguero and Torres, C. Luo mentioned: “We will decide on three, which is challenging to be excluded from the cash factor, like Mourinho Lent. Agüero can quickly alter the stability of the sport, Torres is also good. If I have to allow me select, I feel Aguero great, but I Llorente, is to get challenging decisions. “C there have been occasions I played center, it can turn into No. nine Real Madrid in will need?”Pure Center is not my favorite position I do not believe Mourinho will let me to play this placement. If not allow me play, I’ll try out to play effectively, but not the greatest place for me.” Melon Aura Di Allow Messi center played drastically elevated their charge of scoring, and if Mourinho with the Real Madrid Shirt Footballalso the perform of the middle of the C the Portuguese star is more afraid? “Can not immediate that Actual Madrid and Barcelona, two totally various. It depends on numerous components, I experience really comfy here.” Higuain is a companion, Luo C, Luo C Benzema and a very good appreciation and aggressive but not ample for Mike Mussina Luo. C. and favor their companion? “If you ask me, and that simply, he mentioned, equally sick, I swear. If you request that I like and match, I knew it, but I can not say. Mourinho can take strain off the crew since he is always in controversy manufactured property, what you are declaring is excellent or bad, a word to say about it. He liked to say, very open, you can listen to. We are a quite excellent romantic relationship with him I hope you can remain this for numerous decades. We can examine with him, he listens, occasionally not, but limited to pay attention to our views. Yesterday Last Cup, Aspen Xili Ka with the True Madrid Football Club Shirt so canceled the hotel two several hours prior to the merger, small by little, we think that more factors can negotiate with him. “

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