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It is the start of the season and football tickets are expected to be on high demand by many fans. As the Spanish premiership also kicks off it seems all the changes to Real Madrid may see Real Madrid tickets flying off the shelves as well so to speak. One of the big changes to Real Madrid is effectively the new president Florentino Perez who with a large sum of money over filling his pockets has effectively bought in 8 new players so far, into the team.

So far Perez has spent a reported £220 million pounds in just one month recruiting players such as Ronaldo, Kaka, Esteban Granero, Arbeloa, Negredo, Karim Benzima and Albiol.

However one other player who has just been signed to a five year contract with Real Madrid is Xabi Alonso. He was uncovered recently in the stadium as one of the newest purchases to transfer over to Real Madrid and is placed to set the stadium alight. Xabi Alonso has been transferred from Liverpool after five years of playing for them. He has reportedly been bought for over £30 million lessening the decreasing pot of Real Madrid money. The 27 year old former Liverpool Basque midfielder arrived earlier on in the day to his home country of Spain and was signed later on in the day after a suitable fee has been agreed between both sides. He is thought to be elated with the decision and very excited for his future progress in the Real Madrid team. However he has reportedly given a great amount of thanks to all the Liverpool team and fans for making his five years so enjoyable.

He has reportedly stated “I am very grateful to Liverpool fans; they were very warm during my five years. It will be really difficult to match their appreciation and I really enjoyed those five years. However a few months ago I took that decision as I thought it was the right moment to find a fresh challenge, to look for a new club. That’s when Real Madrid came along”.

So it is effectively set to be a very promising year for Real Madrid, betting companies and its new army of super expensive players.

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