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Not too long ago, a amount of media reports, Wong-mA Guoan cooperation has been a success and to decide the final Actual Madrid side to 200 million yuan with the acquisition of the Nationwide Protection Xianghe teaching base club, Genuine Madrid aspect retains 60% stake in the new club. Club identify for newly born mA Guoan Beijing Wong Club, and the team continue to be utilised this yr, Beijing Hyundai identify. I assume that it is not just a basic sports activities occasions, it mirrored the considerable economic implications.

1st of all, why choose Real Madrid at this time and the Chinese football together? I feel there are two factors: 1 is China’s football market has come to a reasonably reduced (the National Security Strike Premier League final 12 months, a sequence of events led to this scenario is common), the stock industry in the usual way is to discount hunting, which is

Investment Law in an crucial. When the very low value of assets acquired, and then wait for its appreciation. With investors or

Entrepreneur Telling, this is organization the other hand, the state this year and opening up cultural and sports industries, and enable foreign investors to make investments in associated industries, which has cleared the club’s policy of investment barriers.

Second, in the end True Madrid saw in what? I assume that it saw in the football market is massive. We all know that customer is God, in the football industry, followers of God. In China, we are absolutely no shortage of enthusiasts, Chinese followers could be the planet most. Even so, we lack the higher stage of operational capacity football marketplace. Therefore, many high-quality (with buying strength) of the five enthusiasts from the foreign leagues. Huang Ma investment national security, is to use the co-depth advancement of China, on the one hand to increase the effect of China’s Real Madrid, so that more followers concerned about Genuine Madrid, like the Huang Ma the other hand, mining gold in the Chinese market. I do not think national safety is the very best investment. Purely from an investment standpoint, possibly Tianjin, Wuhan, team or group is much better likely shares. Nevertheless, since of national protection in the money Beijing, which has a significant impact to capacity (such as federal government decision-producing), and radiation, which is the first to enter China’s Real Madrid are actually fancy the. In other words, Real Madrid’s present investment is not totally starting from the football alone, but a true company operation. Genuine Madrid is not to help China enhance the stage of football, which is to come to China to get their own interests. True Madrid at this time much more like an worldwide brand proprietors

TNC, To China to do a joint venture. The intention is not to aid the Chinese aspect to upgrade technology, optimal management, but for their personal interests. China’s function is to support joint venture partners are acquainted with the Chinese market place, quickly enter the Chinese market and create a great government relations. We see many joint ventures in the foreign aspect in a familiar, right after the Chinese market, have steadily increased their share, even to wholly owned

Run These kinds of as Alcatel Shanghai, Tianjin Henkel. We have cause to worry: after the good results of the True Madrid initial test, will also become sole proprietor of this street?

This 12 months foreign investment in the initial year of China’s sports activities marketplace, in truth, it and the foreign investment in other industries also have some comparability. Comparability of the most important is that China’s weak position in the connected industries. For example, the Chinese football club market growth, commercialization of their reasonably lower (most had been working at a loss), foreign investment club management system, industry, funds power and market share of possession and so the much more clear strengths, This helps make the time of entry of foreign money in a relatively initiative. This predicament also occurred in other industries in China open to foreign capital in the method. On the other hand, foreign capital into the reinforced

Levels of competition (Will have to encounter worldwide competitors in the domestic and worldwide competitors, emergence of the “Global Competitors

Localization “Predicament), but opposition is likely to market the growth of regional enterprises in China. For illustration, in

Day of Market, Procter &amp GambleThe huge entry, China’s Diaopai sprung on the P &amp G now has an enormous menace, so that P &amp G to start the “Condor Operation” but with little good results. We have purpose to anticipate that the entry of Real Madrid, could strengthen the competitiveness of Chinese football club, maybe inside a handful of many years, there will be localized in the large-stage Chinese industrial football club.

Another equivalent is the most foreign investment into China has a powerful brand, and Chinese counterparts, most of the brand is weak. Genuine Madrid in the partnership, its intangible property (brand) also played a large part. In this context, the Chinese businesses (clubs) How to produce your very own brand, will be a matter of lifestyle and death important choice. Presently, a lot of Chinese enterprises to expand to the acquisition of firms overseas and then get their brand of practices, this kind of as

TCL, Haier, Association

And so on. Maybe a number of a long time, China’s football club and then go overseas acquisitions with international brand names.

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