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No surprise – Monte Carlo is No 1 in the Global Residence Guide’s checklist of World’s Most Costly Residential Real Estate Markets 2009, more than twice as pricey, at US,000 per square metre, as the runner up. [www.globalpropertyguide.com]

Battling for the amount 2 place are prime central Moscow and London. Prime central Moscow’s US,853 per square metre price tag somewhat outpaces core Prime London’s US,756 per square metre, although it is fairer to say the two cities are neck-and-neck.

London residential residence costs have fallen for considerably of 2008, while Moscow home price declines only started off in the very last quarter, permitting Moscow to catch up with London. Both countries have seasoned powerful currency declines.

Tokyo and Hong Kong come in fourth and fifth, respectively. New York, the only US metropolis incorporated in the survey, is 6th, with an typical cost of US,000 per sq. m.

Finishing the top 10 most high-priced real estate markets are two European cities (Paris at 7th and Rome at 9th) and two other Asian metropolitan areas (Singapore at 8th and Mumbai at 10th). Typical rates array from US,000 per sq. m. to US,000 per sq. m.

The figures are based mostly on the typical price tag of a 120 sq. m., excellent-problem higher-finish utilized apartment in the metropolis centres of much more than 110 cities around the planet, generally the financial centres exactly where most foreigners are likely to get. Data were collected throughout 2008. The US dollar exchange charge utilized is that of January 27, 2009.

Bargain hunters’ dream For international discount hunters, there are many locations in which house selling prices are reasonably cheap, for example elements of the Middle East, Latin America and Asia.

Cairo, Egypt is 1 of the cheapest metropolitan areas in the world, with prime metropolis centre rates at close to US0 per sq. m. One more Middle Eastern capital in the bottom 10 is Amman, Jordan, with average city centre prices at US,150 per sq. m.

Three Asian metropolitan areas are incorporated in the 10 most affordable, all located in speedily growing and seriously populated countries, Bangalore in India, Chengdu in China and Jakarta in Indonesia.

Chengdu, broken in the course of the magnitude 8. earthquake in 2008, remains a essential economic, transportation and communication hub in the heartland of China.

Indonesia was the very last nation to recover from the 1997 Asian Fiscal Crisis. Even so, the economic reforms implemented by the Yudhoyono administration are setting the stage for steady economic growth.

5 Latin American cities complete the listing of 10 lowest priced cities for property purchasers – Concepcion and Santiago in Chile, Quito in Ecuador, Managua in Ecuador, and Lima in Peru.

The same countries also have a tendency to earn very good rental yields.


Rental yields are typically under 5% in most European cities, suggesting that house is nonetheless overvalued.

Rental yields are generally beneath 4 percent in the following cities: Munich, Barcelona, Vilnius, Helsinki, Madrid, Rome, and Nicosia. Rental yields in Europe are lowest on Andorra at two.2% and Athens at 2.7%.

Rental yields are between four% and 5% in significant cities such as Brussels, Tokyo, Berlin, Moscow, Copenhagen, Warsaw, New York, Shanghai, Paris, London and Geneva.

Returns from rental investments are also comparatively lower in key Asian metropolitan areas this kind of as Singapore and Hong Kong and in almost all Indian cities (Bangalore, New Delhi, and Mumbai)

Only six metropolitan areas have rental yields of more than ten%, led by Chisinau with an average gross rental return of 14%. The Moldovan money is followed by Cairo, Jakarta, Manila, Skopje and Lima.

Higher returns can also be anticipated in Latin American cities. Yields variety from 8% to 10% in Panama Town (Panama), Bogota (Colombia), Managua (Nicaragua), Santiago (Chile), Buenos Aires (Argentina), and Quito (Ecuador).

Rental yields in Kula Lumpur (Malaysia) and Amman (Jordan) are also normally over 9%.

Residence price movements

The current residence price boom and bust defeats the conventional idea that true estate prices are based mostly on regional problems. The fairly low expense and ease of shifting funds close to the entire world has created it simpler for people to make investments in real estate markets in a number of countries. This is complemented by the relatively lower charge of global air transport. Many countries have also eliminated foreign ownership restrictions, a move encouraged by the Organization for Financial Cooperation and Improvement (OECD) and the European Union.

The consequence of these alterations has been a outstanding boost in cross region genuine estate investments – supporting make the boom, and the bust, actually international.

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