Xavi, Iniesta & Messi vs. Real Madrid [2010/11]

Barcelona – Genuine Madrid (29/11/ten) – Camp Nou. Songs: Two Methods From Hell – Heart of Courage Two Actions From Hell – Jump Two Methods From Hell – To Glory

25 thoughts on “Xavi, Iniesta & Messi vs. Real Madrid [2010/11]”

  1. @usopp13 thats cause van persie is a fuckin god when it comes to football! his goal against wolverhampton was just as badass if you ask me

  2. @Hendrixspacemahine Madrid fan? I don’t think Barca will lose that game. I’d love to see Arsenal walk out of there with a win.

  3. 23 people have gotten butt fucked just as hard as Madrid did that day. I thought porn wasn’t allowed on youtube, this is rape!

  4. Ronaldo is a bitch cock face messi is a million times better van persie is even better than Ronaldo

  5. wow barcelona is incredible .. their just soo good . they like the passing the ball most teams dont . i hate that shit . this team . i love passing the ball

  6. Top class video, absolutely brilliant. I´ll never forget this night in Barcelona.
    Thank you, ArteDelFutbol.

  7. Barca was 2class better then Real…this was a lesson for Real, they Run and Run and Run but they didn’t get the Ball…After such a Game you Need psychologic support As real Player…unbelievable, barca could Shot 15 Goals.. This Match is in my Top 5 Matches , what a Great Team Barca has… Perez/Madrid can investigate 700 more millions, they will Never have the Class of barca … Gracias from allemania

  8. barcelona played amazing, but please when you watch this look at real madrids back line it becomes zigzags really poor defending

  9. @Prefix2tehSuffix i know, i say it live! i laughed so hard and said fuck you marcelo you just got owned!!

  10. I’m confused, why don’t the barca players have yellow bibs on, isn’t this a training match! :/ hahaa MESSI the best!

  11. @3lPrLegaL nadie sabe que significa “pana” fuera de tu pais. Podrian incluso pensar que es un insulto

  12. @killchickeneggboy 6:58 greedy my ass. Two assists and pass play between his players, something pussy C.Ronaldo or jose mourinho will never understand.

  13. Wilshere and song will rape the conceited DNA Cunt buckets come this March 8th.. you heard it here first

  14. everybody look at how at 2:37 pedro gets pushed by marcelo
    and then 2:44 he completely pwns marcelo
    didn’t even see it comin 😛

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