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There is a new trend in the global tourism industry that is fast replacing the ubiquitous guidebook. With the advent of the Internet, people are beginning to turn more to locals of the place for information, instead of ready printed guidebooks. There are good reasons behind this phenomenon and one of them is surely pent-up demand.

People have always treasured insider knowledge but before this, it was not possible to mine such information about far away places. Even when the Internet first appeared, the travel websites carried only the typical guidebook type information and nothing else. On the other hand, everyone has heard of stories where a local person guided tourists to small and niche local attractions and areas that were more fun and exciting than the standard tourist map destinations. These can be small places selling great food, hidden beaches, small shops that sell amazing local craft, etc.

But places like these are not covered by standard guidebooks, so you need to know someone who lives in the place and know the ins and outs of the place. That is why, many locally living people in tourist destinations have come forward to help visitors enjoy the various little hidden joys of their respective homes.

This is how many people are travelling to new and different places these days. They gather their information from an insider; they draw up an itinerary and create a road map of all the places they want to visit. Having a native person by their side, they can finally choose unconventional places and discover new destinations where the crowd has not reached yet.

Another advantage of asking a native about his place is getting an accurate view of the place. Guidebooks are often written by people who have never been to the place and only know it by pictures and data. But a native is a person who lives and has probably lived there his whole life. So not only will you get the real picture of the place, but you will also get updated information about all the different places you are willing to visit. So now you can finally have a proper estimate of your minimum required budget. No longer will you go to a place only to realize that you do not have enough money to enjoy the place fully. Conversely, you can find about the actual places and ways to save money from a native person.

These people are becoming increasingly popular amongst frequent travelers. They can be easily accessed online via their blogs and websites and they are all usually very friendly and warm people to communicate with. You will be talking to a real person for a change who knows what he is talking about, instead of endless automated replies and per-formatted messages.

So when you want to have a personal experience visiting a place, choose people who live there and make their living there.

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