Manufactured as A Request From – oTRaLaLao, and MW2beast746 In Tocens Black Ops Emblem Creations and Whatnot I exhibit you how to make cool hip and great emblems for your contact of duty black ops player card. every little thing is proven in my sweet very good ass voice, so enjoy. I experimented with to make my very own Real Madrid, but i was only in a position to get the circle aspect actually excellent and had no more layers for the crown. I desired to get it as perfect as achievable, but sadly its not achievable. So i borrowed the method from a youtuber recognized as itachi1195. Requested by A lot of individuals Do not duplicate my vids with out offering correct credit score, and never ever download and repost these vids. Rate Thumbs Subscribe, and post what you want to see as an emblem, i can make something…. virtually… even a penis.