Things are far from being well at Real Madrid at the moment. The senior players of the club are clearly unhappy with the top brass and they have got their valid reasons for that.

Florentino Perez wants to run Real Madrid his own way and he is extra dominant.

Of course, being the club chairman, he is totally entitled to make his decisions, but, it’s only fitting that while make those decisions, he takes the players’ as well as public’s views into account as well.

Perez seems to listen to himself only. He does not give it a damn if a certain move of his is going to make his players unhappy.

Let’s talk about that Carlo Ancelotti issue. There wasn’t a single person in the Real Madrid squad who wanted the Italian to be handed the axe.

The players even said that in the media too that despite not having as much of success this season as the previous one, Ancelotti still remains the right man to be in charge of Madrid.

But, Perez, as usual, did not pay attention to anyone and Ancelotti had to go. It did not amuse the players at all.

However, this is not the only issue for the players to be at loggerheads with Perez.

Some of them including Sergio Ramos are not content with their pay scale either.

The defender is actually quite hurt by the fact that the club has not even considered rewarding his consistency with an extension.

Also, Perez’s tendency to not come in the defence of his players whenever they fall into some kind of controversy is not liked that much.

Perez actually looks to dictate terms at Real Madrid which is not the way to go in modern era.

But, just because he has got so much of power vested in him, he gets away with everything.