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Monday, Zurich, Barcelona star Lionel Messi with the led FIFA acquired a, and his teammate Andres Iniesta and Xavi are second, 3.Crew of the 12 months picked C ¢ I saw Messi in the field, “defend” the method.Messi in the league like football and to the principal opponents in Europe, has constantly been reluctant to C ¢ Luo individuals will display even greater functionality will be used to combat the upcoming Golden GlobesC Romania 2008 with United crowned Champions of Europe Cup and praised this year.The summer of 2009, C Luo with the registry • transfer for Genuine Madrid € 94,000,000 this 12 months following the Jumei What is even now West. 1st year at Actual Madrid, C ° to right scored 33 goals for remarkable specific performances of the gear, but not the earnings as a champion Genuine Madrid, the performance of Portugal in the World Cup is not nicely, not Luo C ¢ selected 3 very first Golden Planet Award in 2010.Luo C ¢ may possibly have missed the very first three Golden Globe, but he is constantly in focus. Actual Madrid coach Jose Mourinho has declared, in accordance with the degree of C ¢ Luo, need to be 4 to five instances the Although the Spanish media have Actual Madrid Football Club Shirt documented that mentor Sir C LoAlex Ferguson at Manchester United, said recently, C lo with the to leave Manchester United if Romania, but also a Golden Globe These components are mirrored primarily based on the one hand, Luo need ° C for the.Opposition with Barcelona, is to some extent, the two clubs went to C • lo and help of Macy’s, the former Actual Madrid this period, scored 30 goals, which includes twenty league targets, which contribute to Barca 31 balls, who scored eighteen in the league. In addition to the good dialogue with the country traditional, the two males in the league, nationwide cups in both World War II and even throughout the time of the movie. The yield on the most modern examples, C gang Luogang League hat-trick this weekend, Macy’s Cup in midweek scoring three objectives. It’s above among the two gamers shaped a virtuous circle. C lo with the Real Madrid Shirt Football the correct have grow to be masters of the very best soccer player, expertise, of program, indispensable, ambition and opposition intense instruction hard, difficult is undoubtedly a critical issue for success.

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