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The Spanish capital is the center of art, culture, fashion and as a traveler a couple of days is simply not enough to see what the city has to offer. It is a paradise for those who love to explore art galleries and historical edifices, museums and natural landscapes. Madrid is a traveler’s delight and you can choose from a variety of attractions when you spend a vacation here. Some well known places of interest that you can check out on a Madrid weekend :12 The Plaza Mayor surrounded by houses and with nine gates is the ideal place to hang out with your family. Traditionally an arena for bullfighting today it houses a large number of shops and cafes.13 The Grand Via is a well known shopping street filled with cinema theatres, malls and hotels.14 Among the art galleries in this city, the Museo del Prado is possibly the best hosing some outstanding art pieces between the 12th and 19th centuries. Drawings, coin collections and sculptures form part of its possessions.15 The Templo de Debod located right in the city’s center, gifted by the Egyptian government, draws many visitors.16 The huge El Retiro Park is famous for its rose garden, galleries, sculptures and a lake. 17 The Palacio Real where the King of Spain resides is the largest of its kind in Europe and open to public making it a famous tourist attraction. You can enjoy a fantastic walk here and see the Royal quarters and the intricately decorated majestic throne.18 For football fanatics a visit to the Bernabau Stadium is a must which is home to the internationally acclaimed Real Madrid Team. Getting to watch a match here is an experience of a lifetime for a tourist.19 The Mercado San Miguel market is the place to be where you can buy fresh fruits, meat and vegetables.20 The houses of the Spanish dramatist Carpio which contains some of his priceless works and the Palacio de Linares that displays some of the finest architectural finesse are places where the traveler may tour.21 Las Ventas is Madrid’s most popular bull fighting ring and is a must watch for tourists.22 Take a ride on a cable car from Pintor Rosales to get an aerial view of the city.23 The Plaza de la Villa offers a view of many splendid architectural structures including the Town Hall.With so much to see in the city you can be rest assured you will have plenty to do once you have reached Madrid. Make sure you do not miss a real bullfight while you are here because that is going to add to your holiday memories. So if you are keen to get a taste of the Spanish culture and history, Madrid is one city you should not miss.

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