Every club is now in the race to shuffle its line of players.

Real Madrid is no different as it is looking for new faces to bring into the team so that the different weak points can be strengthened ahead of the new season starting off at full steam. One of the players the club had targeted was Paul Pogba. However the club has removed their interest in the player, allowing Man United to bid for him at Real Madrid has removed their interest due to financial constraints. With the financial strength that United has, they definitely stand at an advantage in gaining this player as compared to Real Madrid.

The Pogba’s agent is now at an advantage to negotiate the perfect deal for the player as Real and United have both expressed their interest in the player. The basic fee for the player stands at £85m. This is the basic transfer fee, but it can go up to £105m including the agent’s fee as well as bonuses and add on based on the success that the club has seen along with that of the player. The player’s contract would be additional which will exceed an amount of £65m. The basic salary that would be paid to the player would amount to £250,000 every week in a deal of five years.

Pogba’s rates have risen following his performance in the finals of Euro 2016 in France. Man United is willing to accede to the demands as well as increase the rates if so desired in case Real Madrid decides to compete for the same. Perez, who is president of Real Madrid, has decided to remove his club from the negotiations as the focus is on getting a fair deal for potentially gifted players and to look at overall requirements.