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Although football is a man’s sport, you should never judge by appearances, but the Spanish press has long been a consensus, Ivan – Campo whose players are on is the worst player in history. Field is always a hair and eyes, also reveals a vision of fuzzy set. Just look at the features, the field is not a bad guy. However, this feature in your face, Minato, but creating a good “surprising” results. This name was used in the galaxy at the Bernabeu in time back, now ended his career. Field began his career in 1993, played for Alaves in the Spanish team. 95 years to go to Valencia City, 97/98 season, spent a year in Mallorca. 98-03, Campo played up to his team took two Champions League, a league championship, a World Club Cup and a Spanish Super Cup. Switch to Bolton Campo 03, 08/09 and Epps effects Villa for a year. Field last season the team played in Cyprus, AEK Larnaca with the , recently announced his retirement from retirement at the end of his career.In an interview, “Mark” interview, Ocampo admitted that he can continue playing professional football: “In many years as a professional player, I choose to retire; I spent many years in Spain, also played in England. 7 years people have to understand all there is always at the end of the day, who now plays football veterans Mallorca “Bolton, in fact, Campo and Jose Mourinho had a confrontation; I appreciate very much the fool.”When he coached Chelsea, I know that Mourinho is indeed the image in the media, is totally incompatible with their knowledge let you know that Jose. Mourinho is a good man, always protect their own players” has been criticized Negredo with the Soccer Team Jersey recently by the training of young players do not comply with Campo also gives his opinion. “Barcelona and ‘s policy academy one big difference, Barcelona believes that children of West Branch, Real Madrid prefer the opportunity to foreign players, even if training camp with Kathy Green, Barn genius. But in my opinion, Barcelona and Real Madrid’s policy remains unchanged; each team has its own style. “Galactic field was recalled: “I appreciate most is the player Zinedine Zidane, , but when changing when a large number of Spanish players, giving great support team, which won two Champions League and many other major titles. A team local power should dominate. “When Real Madrid dressing room with Iron Mountain, Raul, Casey, Helguera, Morante Adams Sangqi If, Guti, Salgado and many local actors heavyweights. To C what is at the heart of the Portuguese forces helpful, Carvalho, Pepe, Marcelo, Kaka is to help members of the Portuguese language. Argentina Dimaliya Mendes broker in relation to “retreat” in Portuguese Mourinho with the Real Madrid Kit is regarded as the pattern behind the use of Portuguese speakers.

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