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Beijing, 16 January, “secret report” information you want to know if Real Madrid Ruud van Nistelrooy, Netherlands with the Low cost England Football Shirts back on the fear must pay out 200 million in redemption costs Hamburg. In individuals days, I feel Raul Florentino should regret the selection now, but has no encounter to ask for Raul to return to the Bernabeu to play rescuer.Raul leaving this summer season right after Mourinho, far more than when Florentino an give to the center of a new requirement, but rejected by the President. Even wounded Higuain, Florentino also insisted that there was no will need for a agency front, in your belief, is really worth € 35000000 Benzema, irrespective of the final result, the “genius shooter” Kaka will be in the winter market again not to point out C Lo also can play middle. Although Benzema is not working, you can reuse the youth academy youngsters Mourinho Lata Mo.Confidential Report, “Mourinho with the Globe Cup Soccer Kit was the desire to be in the exact same corridor in the introduction to his Hugo Mendez – Almeida, Hugo – Besiktas Almeida also pressured by invitation, the Actual Madrid all heart waiting for the phone. But eventually, the attitudes of tough Florentino, Hugo – Almeida had to change to ultra-abundant land. Really few regrets Higuain confirmed at surgical procedure may be the lack of complete-period break after the event, to transform the mindset of Florentino.In the subsequent weeks of large fighting with Atletico Madrid, the assertion of Chief Valdano very first. “In Higuain has confirmed the damage, had been in the review of the transfer market place we check out, we can uncover the subsequent six months to support us move ahead. There are a lot of candidates, but the greatest that I not reveal any particulars. In simple fact, we searching for a 9, would be ready to support in the next 6 months, a. “After that, Klose, Luis Fabiano, as the names appeared, it was greeted with the information that True Madrid Ruud van Nistelrooy grew to become the number 1 alternative. But the “confidential report, said these days that in higher degree conferences ahead of the Madrid, Raul’s identify has also been presented. 6 months before the Galactic farewell to the Bernabeu has been the flag, foot in the Bundesliga. Schalke 04 in Raul’s efficiency is obtaining much better and far better, allowing the latest center extreme thirst Genuine Madrid, Raul with the True Madrid Fc Football Kit was lost once. But Florentino understand that Raúl has been left not due to the fact they want to play in the locker area leader, and did not deal with once again invited to join the captain, “CR at,” mentioned Lafayette on the topic was conscious of the errors.Welcome to Raul pure fantasy, which can grow to be Florentino’s Ruud van Nistelrooy. Netherlands a 12 months in the past on a free transfer burgers, since Actual Madrid has decided to terminate the agreement in advance and did not obtain a penny of the transfer charges in Hamburg. Now, as Ruud Van Nistelrooy and the agreement only six months in Hamburg, the Bundesliga club has no intention of “liable News”, back to Van Nistelrooy designed many obstacles, “Secret Diary” explained that the substantial demand Ruud van Nistelrooy, Hamburg, may possibly agree to release, but Actual Madrid with the True Madrid Football Shirt to shell out at minimum 200 million euros in ransom fees.

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