When the team plays well its easier for the boss to sit back and relax , you don’t have to get as many messages across to your players or make that many changes. We got an early goal and controlled proceedings. we also dictated the pace of the game… and all of this contrived to make it an easy night for the manager. had this have been a quarterfinal or semi-final over two-legs when goals scored play a much more important part… then tonight i would not have been a happy man as we should have scored at least three of four goals. we played really well, and the merit is all ours. It wasn’t Milan they played poorly tonight it was Real Madrid who put on a five star show It was a very good all round performances. Young players like khedira, marcela, ozil and di maria did brilliantly against experienced pros like Gattuso, Pirlo, Ronaldinho. They won the mental battle which is a very good sign. I’m delighted with the way my players kept a cool head and its a positive signs for the future.. but we still have yet to win anything. We are top of the league and top ofiour champions league group but as i just mentioned, we haevn’t won any titles yet, but it’s something we all want to achieve
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