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Beijing at 05:00 23 December 2010 to eleven-year, the Spanish King’s Cup last very first leg will be an eighth outbreak of war in the Bernabeu in opposition to True Madrid at residence to recently promoted Levante La Liga. Genuine Madrid declared on Tuesday the 20th, the team sport group, Kaka, Gago, Higuain, Dudek Canales and injuries, injuries at the weekend from La Liga Hedi due to illness on Truce the floor, confront suspension Arbeloa, Ramos failed for technical causes, Marcelo Alonso and lifted the again. B Group A and Hu MB Lata Fulan, and youth group goalkeeper Pacheco get called.

Real Madrid played in opposition to Levante in La Liga Actual Madrid September 11 victories one defeat a position of absolute dominance, the house defeat in the period 06-07, lost by -1, the top rated five in the league this period, club was on the street was forced into a Levante -, after losing the very first place, re-stay this once more promoted in Copa del Rey, True Madrid will naturally would like to win around opponents at house to decide the cutting edge. Genuine Madrid this year, twelve property win in all competitions, whilst Levante is presently ranked 16th in the Liga, the road document is only one 5 wins, 2 losses, the game is not a coincidence, the suspense is just a couple of ball Genuine Madrid to win only. Actual Madrid has not won the Cup 17 a long time is far more than the team season-ending war in 2010, Jose Mourinho would supply to give supporters a delighted new year present.

Workers, C Luo failed since the tonsils are training on Tuesday, he also retains the year each sport at Real Madrid’s record ideal attendance in the battle, inflammation of the tonsils need to not influence its appearance. Hedi The truce was not fully healed wounds, Mike Mussina of its safety has not let the list, the absence Ramos is a bit strange, the official internet site of Actual Madrid that failed for technical good reasons suspended since of Arbeloa, then the phrases of the absence of Ramos, the team has no proper of return offered. Mike Mussina again in the league very last weekend has been mentioned Ramos might have no barriers in between the two guys, but towards Sevilla Ramos has also accomplished great results, Mike Mussina has no cause to abandon it, and not Ramos injury may have occurred, ridiculous in this Cup or decide on to allow it relaxation, to prevent further injury.

“Marca” the Real Madrid starting up lineup projections, goalkeeper Iker Casillas, appropriate back defender Mateos younger guest, not all are expected in the Albiol, Albiol, and slips are a strategic companion Street, Pepe sat the bench , left-again Marcelo is. Alonso and Las – Diyala composition of the reduce back, the left half is Dimaliya, the right fifty percent is Pedro – Leon, enjoying attacking midfielder Granero, possibilities will be closed Ozil, C Luo a person all of a sudden middle prior to the move. Mike Mussina retired, if Benzema is actually, and allow him play middle C Lo, then the French, he fully lost faith, Benzema this winter is probable to have been offered.

Mourinho did not go to the press conference ahead of the sport, instead of teaching assistants Carancahua angry at this turn of events, Carancahua, mentioned: “It’s a selection the club, but I did not will need further explanation, all of True Madrid are hoping that the unity of the team, now we just want the game with Levante to get a great result, absolutely everyone wishes to be up coming Could when Square to celebrate the goddess of the harvest. “

The prevalence of C. Lo will debut in the race, Carancahua said the team would make a determination until the very last moment, even however Ramos, Arbeloa and Hedi The absence of these players, but said Carancahua It has no effect on the True Madrid: “I believe tomorrow, the team’s overall performance will be really positive, as when the 1st spherical of play as Murcia.”

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