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Mourinho to race troubles in the Spanish Football Association and tv organizations with large war of words, when have emerged within the waves, the delay can not reach a contract agreement with Pepe, in accordance to Wednesday’s “Marca” reported striker has been sent to Portugal, the “ultimatum.”

“Marca” mentioned farewell once left Hierro defender could not fill a hole. had Samuel, and so the introduction of very first-class defender, but has not located a suitable substitute Hierro, until finally the emergence of Pepe. Portugal international’s well worth in fact large, reaching 30 million euros, but a game, Pepe has proved that he is a single of the world’s greatest defender is a player for . If from the perspective of aggressive capacity, then no a single will oppose the renewal of his contract with True Madrid. Why let go of the Bernabeu a entire world-class players? This issue can inquire all the Real Madrid followers, the solution is we allow them go. The part of the players asked to meet his reward is also regular of course, the club also has its very own factors.

On the a single hand, the request is a bit higher Pepe, Pepe’s agreement with in the summer time of 2012 the end of his agreement talks with had a very lengthy time, but delays in progress, are prepared to place his soon after-tax annual income from the present one.five million euros to 350 million euros, and Alonso, Higuain in the identical stage of these gamers, but Pepe lion’s mouth, raised 4.five million euros soon after tax in the cost requirements. In purchase to achieve the aim, Pepe has also moved out of Inter Milan, Manchester United or Barcelona as a hostage, whilst Pepe is clearly unable to meet this sort of higher demand. According to Wednesday’s “Marca” documented that R Pepe has been offered an ultimatum: “3.five million euros following tax salary, you are both to accept or renew things to stop here.” True Madrid executives said, do not Pepe money than the crew could make the absolute core of more than Alonso, due to the fact then wage amounts will lead to confusion in the locker area.

Genuine home also explained that right after becoming a member of Genuine Madrid Pepe, although the court seems brave, but not ready to classify it into the ranks of solid defender, though the Bernabeu fans liked him, but the Brazilian Portuguese easy to injuries, unusual temper in the discipline and some errors will by some means pay the value for . That sport against Getafe that properly-acknowledged malicious wounding, and even allow him experience the penalty suspended for 10 games. this time, Mourinho defense reorganization, two Portuguese shirts compatriot Ricardo Carvalho Pepe and the mix of Mike Mussina grew to become the very first selection, but Pepe’s temper did not converge, the first sport in opposition to La received sixty minutes Portugal striker in the dead ball scenario, from behind a push to tear down the Deportivo midfielder Rodriguez, was a yellow card when the worth of referee in the referee’s report, the referee is composed, “Pepe no option to consider offensive action. ” Though this yellow Spanish Soccer Association Competition Committee is now canceled, but the Genuine Madrid Pepe’s actions or high-degree problem.

“Pepe is inseparable from Actual Madrid, True Madrid need to Pepe. Pepe presence of Real Madrid’s efficiency in the Gao Kongqiu far better and also a lot more pressure on rivals, Actual Madrid do not worry about the room behind. There Pepe, Genuine steals quicker, far more attacking threat also. “Mourinho has urged R agreement with Pepe. Previously media reviews stated Mourinho in current months the issue is Ronaldo Shirt constantly renewed Pepe R place pressure on prime, even though the energy giant’s agent, Mendes of Portugal has to use his effective capacity to dual part underneath the Pepe with regards to renewal of a marked flip for the much better. Now it would seem not the scenario

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