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Bauer Palace – was owned originally by a household of bankers – Bauer. At existing it is the website of Escuela Superior de Canto.

Debod Temple – was constructed in the 2nd century BC in Egypt and brought as a present from Egypt to Spain. The shifting of this temple commenced in 1960 and was completed in 1968. In this temple you can see the archaeological continues to be of Egypt much from Egypt. A stunning garden surrounds this monument and there is a fountain in this garden. It includes range of chapels, a hall and an upper ground terrace.

Liria Palace – is an 18th century palace with neo-classical architecture. Duchess of Alba resided right here and some of the greatest personal collections of Spanish artwork are hung on the walls. This was much more or significantly less destroyed in 1936 and was reconstructed. This creating has 3 floors.

Puerta de Toledo Gate – is a 19th century gateway opened in 1827 and is 19 meters tall. This is the most recent monument in Madrid. It has a semi-circular arch at the center, two gates with lintel and columns with decorations. This was initially the entrance from Andalusia.

Royal Palace – is an 18th century palace with neo-classical architecture. It was created on the site of the former Moorish castle and the ancient Alcázar fortress. The staircase of honor and the southeast wing were developed by Sabatini. The prepare is a square and there is a large courtyard at the middle.

San Isidro Chapel, San Andrés Church – The church was built as per Baroque architecture in the seventeenth century and it was totally burnt in 1936 besides for the chapel. The architect was José de Villarreal. Most of the construction content utilised was bricks whereas columns have been of stone building.

Teatro True Theatre – is a 19th century theatre and is situated in Orient Square Plaza. This ranked as a single of the best opera houses in Europe due to the fact of its acoustics and facilities. It underwent a amount of changes and the completely refurbished creating was opened in 1997. Its floor plan is an irregular octagon and it has a capacity to home 1745 individuals.

Toledo Bridge – is an 18th century bridge constructed as per Baroque architecture. The unique bridge was broken in floods. It has been rebuilt. It has 9 semicircular arches. Granite ashlar stone is utilized in its construction. There are two vaulted niches – Santa María de la Cabeza and San Isidro – in the center. No targeted traffic is permitted on this bridge.

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