The La Ligans in the past ten years have only contained 2 Spanish teams Real Madrid and Barcelona, thus enjoyed undisputed supremacy. Since year 2004, as Valencia bagged the title, Barcelona has had 6 title triumphs, while the rest were picked up by real Madrid. Since then there was no looking back for the duo, with no other team matching their supremacy. In the last 5 seasons, the difference between the first and the third position hasn’t been less than seventeen points.

However the ongoing campaign has been slightly off beat, with Atletico Madrid barging in their way in the duo play. Crossing all expectations, Diego Simeone’s meager budget team has maintained its title challenge, along with proudly advancing their way into the Champion league. Already they have an advantage in the quarter finals post defeating AC Milan the score being 1-0 at San Siro during the final sixteen 1st leg.

In the recent few weeks, nonetheless team Altetico has tottered, with one after another setbacks, against Osasuna (0-3) and Almeria (0-2). Simeone’s team has leveled their position at the second place with Barca, while the champions Real Madrid is 3 points ahead. The derby this weekend is going to be “do or die situation” for Atletico Madrid if they want to get back on track.

Meanwhile Real Coach Ancelotti has a substantial to do list as he left PSG this summer to take control at Bernabeu. Leading the list was to bring back together a club ripped apart under Jose Mourinho’s charge. 7 months on the job and coach Ancelotti seems pretty much on track to get things back in shape, though it wasn’t a much easy job especially with the 1st half of the season being pretty tricky.