Real Madrid say they are in full support of their star player over tax evasion claims.

There are reports that the Portuguese star defrauded the tax authorities in Spain of £12.9 million. The regional state prosecutor is threatening to arraign the highest paid player in the world on four counts of tax fraud.

The player and his reps have denied such claims. Real Madrid have joined in to stand by the player as the media trial goes rife especially after his rival Lionel Messi was found guilty of the same offence.

“Real Madrid CF shows their full confidence in our player Cristiano Ronaldo, who we understand has acted in accordance with the legality regarding compliance with their tax obligations. Cristiano Ronaldo has always shown since his arrival at Real Madrid CF, in July 2009, a clear will to fulfil all his tax obligations,” the statement from the club read.

The club adds that it is “absolutely convinced” that the player would prove his innocence. The club says it hopes justice would be meted out quickly so his innocence is proven.

The prosecutor alleges that the former Manchester United star used an offshore company to hide a portion of his income. However, the player’s management company Gestifute claims they followed all British and Spanish tax laws, strongly denying the allegations.

A statement from the player’s camp says that the amount declared can be discussed as it tried to explain that the player never had an intention of declaring taxes. The statement claimed the company declared 100 per cent of the part attributable to the Spanish authorities from the income and image rights of the player based on the criteria set by the United Kingdom Treasury.