The manager of Real Madrid, Jose Mourinho, has said that he doesn’t want to discuss much about Barcelona as they are not the La Liga Champions at the moment. Two days back, in one of his interviews, when the Real Madrid boss was asked a question about Barcelona, he got pissed off and replied, “Why do you guys keep asking questions about Barcelona all the time? There are a lot of other matters to be discussed. I think you guys should start asking lesser questions about Barcelona now as they are neither the La Liga Champions nor the European Champions.”

The Barcelona team is playing some outstanding football in the ongoing season and is currently placed at the top of the La Liga points table. Barca is 8 points ahead of Madrid at the moment. But, Mourinho believes that his team will go ahead of Barca in the points table at some point of time in the competition. Mourinho said, “I agree that we didn’t manage to make an ideal start to the competition. But, the players are settling into their groove now. We have played well in the last few matches and I am confident that if we keep playing like this, we will go at the top of the points table pretty soon.”

Mourinho also denied the reports of dispute between him and the former French midfielder Zinedine Zidane who is the director of football at Real Madrid. There have been reports that there is something wrong between Zidane and Mourinho and both of them are not happy with each other. When asked about that, Mourinho said, “These reports are not true at all. Everything is all right between me and Zidane. He is a great man and I respect him a lot. I am pretty happy working with him.”