27 thoughts on “Barcelona vs Real madrid 3-2 Mesut Ozil Fight David villa”

  1. @Makemedad69
    But Ozil is usually a calm person. Villa must have done something to piss him off so much.

  2. can anyone present any real evidence, any article, Ozil’s side of the story on the incident, any official comment from real madrid, anything at all that confirm villa insulted Islam??? unless we know the truth, please dnt blame the guy…….

  3. 0:33 u can see ozil’s hand slapping. i dunno if he hit villa, but it seems like villa is staring at higuan but he slapped ozil. it also seems like higuan wants to fight with villa. i dont think there is any religion issue around this. this is no one’s fault really…

  4. i used to like david villa..but after insulting religion of ozil ,i understood how a bad boy he is..

  5. I fucking hate when that damn commentator sucks barcas dick through out the whole match.

  6. @bireyselkoloni dude, villa was never insulted ozil for his religion. I am muslim myself. but this is not about religion, ozil was mad coz villa slapped him all of a sudden. thats why he mad like crazy. I admit, villa was wrong in this, but never on the religion stuff. come on, this is football we are talking about.

  7. lol when the ref pulls out the red and just holds it it is like a cop shooting a bullet in the air to during a brawl.

  8. @Thesixem Indonesia? villa bangsat emang!! ngejek agama villa… eh gue kepencet vote down -_-

  9. David Villa is now the most idiot player..don’t ask why, he do not even know what he did during the fight..what he know is insulting people…if he didnt insulted ozil’s religion, the big fight would not happen for sure…DAVID VILLA BANGSAT!!!! Laknatullah!!

  10. very biased commentator and camera crew. didn’t really show when ozil was slapped or really comment on that.

  11. @StopTheElite Well, certainly the raspy voice one gets a little hypered over it all. Clearly, it’s a mean scissors. But the fact the player with the ball was not moving (e.g., amidst stride at speed) limits the opportunity for major damage. straight red, I would think, yes, but let the ref do all he can do on that (the red) and everyone just calm down and get back to the game.

  12. remember how villa was picked up by ramos and arbeloa while he was faking his injury hehehe…

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