Mesut Özil • Real Madrid ‘ Written In The Stars • 2010/2011 HD

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25 thoughts on “Mesut Özil • Real Madrid ‘ Written In The Stars • 2010/2011 HD”

  1. @olinummer10 mate with all do respect, Mesut wanted to play for Turkey with all his heart, but our ex-coach Fatih Terim the dickhead rejected him nicely, we all love mesut, ive watched him before he was in german international, he’s got full turkish blood in him and a turkish name and speaks turkish, but he grew up in a foreign country, in the end he is logically turkish.

  2. @MrLeosIphone is his name in German or Turkish, hey im born in Australia, but i love turkey, Mesut obviously chose germany because its a stronger side, but go on his facebook, look at this pictures, his grandmother who were raised in germany are pure turks and even wear the scarfs around there head (they dress like turks) Hamit Altintop is exactly like Ozil, raised in germany, though he just plays in Turkish international side, so dont argue cause your just gna keep getting barred straight out.

  3. he’s turk and i’m proud of it..but if not for german formation he would be just a ‘good player’ …he would a a local ‘heroe’ like Sergeb or Maybe Arda that’s it

    i thank the germans for this genie..he adds flavour to the game.. he makes me watch ganes with another excitement then usual..fresh style..fresh everything…perhaps he reminds me a bit of zidane

  4. @yusuf19871907 yep he is turkish also german but the most important thingi s that he is a great soccer player!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. @yusuf19871907 what if he was a wanted serial killer?! thats a great question hahaha 🙂 bytheway, he can speak turkish 😉 thats for the guys who thinks that he cant speak hes mothers language:) dont foget MESUT IS FENERBAHCE FAN 🙂

  6. @TheAvestor thats true, and I want really give my thanks to the german soccer sociality, because they gived us (the world) MESUT OZIL!, thank you germany! tis great watching this young artist! yeah soccer architect! 🙂
    but ILL always stand against those who is saying that OZIL is not TURKISH, and ILL alwasy repeat:

  7. @yusuf19871907 i know oezil is a turk but he is also a german if he just would be a turk he wouldnt play for the german national team, he would play for turkey but he doesnt so blood doesnt matter he likes both germany and turkey

  8. @frensh086 enough? no not enougt.. do you have watched the last Espanyol-Real game, Real won the game thanks to Marcelo’s goal. Did you saw Mesut Ozil during the game? “he was using argo language in Turkish”

    what about his name? Does “mesut” and “özil” have any meaning in German language? NOOO!
    and in Turish? hmmm … Meust=Happy Özil=Province? (or Oz= SELF, iL=Province)

    last.. Spanish commentators are using “turco” sometimes when they are talking about him..

  9. @frensh086 hmm really? what if he was a wanted serial killer who was borned in Germany, was he stil a German or a Ugly Turk for you!

    Mother is Turk, Father is Turk, Grand-Fathers and Mothers are Turk, 75% of the familly is in because the fact of playing at German national team, he isnt a Turk? ahahah… We are Turks, it doesnt matter if you were born in an other countrie, like me “born in Belgium, but stil a Turk”
    Mesut is a Turk in origin, like Lahm who is German as origin.

  10. Der junge muss nur noch kälter vor den tor werden dann gehört er zu den besten die der fussball zu bieten hat.

  11. ChuyCarrasc90 tu si que das asco, ozil juega en el mejor club de la historia, no juega en mierda de equipos segundones, que estan viviendo un cliclo bueno, los cules andais crecidos porque habeis ganado un par de copitas, pero 31 ligas, 9 copas de europa 18 copas del rey, 3 intercontinentales, 1 supercopa de europa ,7 supercopas de españa, 2 copas de la uefa.


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