30 thoughts on “Lionel Messi ● All 13 Goals vs Real Madrid”

  1. Messi – best footballer to ever play the game. brilliant in every aspect of the game. can’t wait to see how many goals and assists he gets this season.

  2. To be continued….
    JAJAJAJA that’s funny xD
    casillas is going to hate messi for the rest of his life ^_^

  3. It’s funny that a video like this has thumbs down, why are madridistas even watching a Messi video if they know that they’ll dislike it?

  4. ronaldo 3 goals vs barcelona LOL 1 penalty , 1 lucky , 1 by his lover boy di maria


  5. im sry but i hav seen this over and over… and i will see this as long as tht little guy is gonna play… but out of topic… can anyone plz tell me the name of the song…?

  6. haha bitch casillas. that motherfucker cant do shit against a real attacking team. I love how everybody thinks hes amazing… even though he faces shit la liga teams who give up an average of like 5 goals a game.

  7. Messi can beat di stefano’s record (18 goals) with only 6 goals… This year with the 2 encounters in liga, it will be done 🙂

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