18 thoughts on “Practice match with Real Madrid C

  1. Hala Madrid!

  2. thefootballlmaestro

    November 3, 2011 — 12:09 pm

    @galdhrone235 no, it is because he was injured and he only just regained form. He had more assists than everyone in the world cup.

  3. @TheAanchal The reason kaka isnt playing for brazil anymore was becuase he didn’t score a single goal in the 2010 world cup. He did have a lotta assists though.

  4. @TheImperialGuy FC Barcelona

  5. @Str8EdgeViper did you hear what he said to pedro leon? no? so shut the fuck up than!

  6. Real Madrid Castilla = Real Madrid B its not Real Madrid C.

  7. @Narutomai tell him that when he stops winning, hes the most successful manager for a reason. Winning with many top teams and increasing all of their skill

  8. @TheAanchal he still need to work on his performance on the field , but i think he is ready now

  9. mourinho is a dumbass! the worst trainer on this planet!!!

  10. Hala Kaka

  11. why wasn’t kaka playing for brazil?

  12. madrid all day,
    lets get it

  13. its not Hala Madrid…its HALA MADRID!

  14. i wish i could play for Madrid C 🙁

  15. Hala madrid

  16. I jus wanna know who won the practice match.

  17. Cristiano Ronaldo . Kaka. ‘Nuff said.

  18. Hala Madrid

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