Leicester City Vs Real Madrid CF (1-2) All Goals & Highlights 31/7/2011 HD video 720p.mp4

25 thoughts on “Leicester City Vs Real Madrid CF (1-2) All Goals & Highlights 31/7/2011 HD video 720p.mp4

  1. Real could’ve won 8-1 if they wanted

  2. Que jugadorazo ese no lo pueden dejar en la banca es un crack definitivamente se le nota la sangré del Madrid y la gran calidad que tiene.

  3. why did real madrid changane their kit at half time??

  4. real madrid realised see english football are tough than spain

  5. why did real change kits

  6. that’s because lecister has goalkeeper Schmeichel

  7. i was here lol

  8. @SuperSong2010 ur a dickhead this is an HD vieo its the best quality!

  9. even tho you lost still a good performance against one of the best clubs in the world .stoke fan scfc!

  10. Benzema is on fireee….gonna be a force this year in europe

  11. Ronaldo… Kaka… Alonso…. NO THANKS It’s all about Dyer… Wellens… King.


    Other than that, great match.

  13. I wonder how many neutral scum fans went to the game to watch the mighty leicester

  14. @footballfc100 really 😮 jealous much 🙁

  15. i was at this match


  17. @liftbear DAMN IT! i just realized that he’s changed to 10, i got 23… FFS!!!

  18. @qb2795 I hope you got OZIL 10 not OZIL 23, because he has swapped permanently from number 10 from now on.

  19. @SuperSong2010 ok dont watch my video 😛

  20. bad quality ur video man..

  21. Ronaldo deberia jugar por derecha.
    Ronaldo should play for right.

  22. @liftbear no i hate the fucking collars

  23. Fair play to Leicester, The Madrid team had a fair few all stars in there once i saw the line-up i was thinkin a drubbing and they proved me wrong. They also managed to score (Y)

  24. leicester r gunna win the championship this season tumbs up if u agree :]

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